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All our pet transport services are designed to take the stress out of travel for you and your pets.  Whether you are travelling with your pets or they are unaccompanied, we promise to treat them as if they were our own and do all we can to make their journey as relaxed as possible.

From the moment we collect your pet to when we deliver them they are with the same person.  As experienced dog handlers we quickly get to know and understand your dog.  Food, medication and general preferences will all be discussed with you.

We will provide you with a checklist of procedures to meet the PETS Travel Scheme.

Airport Transfers

Avoid London Heathrow and Gatwick by flying into Paris, Brussels or Amsterdam. Some airlines permit small dogs to be carried in the cabin, avoiding putting your pet through the trauma of travelling as freight. This website lists dog-friendly carriers

After arrival you and your pet can be chauffeured in comfort - along with your luggage - to your destination.

Mini Moves

When travelling or moving house there are always items you need to hand and for the first night in your new home. Petrelocator is happy to help out. Keep those important items, and precious things you would rather not pack, to hand and they will be transported with you and your pet/s.

Bespoke Pet Chauffeur Service

  • The Client books the car for their pets, and may travel with their pets if they wish
  • The exact itinerary is agreed between Pet Relocator and the Client
  • We collect your pets from your home and deliver to your destination
  • Luggage may also be carried in the spacious People Carrier

European Dog and Cat Shows

  • The Client books the car with their dogs or cats
  • No worries about driving, navigation or parking once at the Show
  • Concentrate on your Show Animals and arrive at the venue refreshed

Unaccompanied Pets

  • Book your pet to or from Europe
  • All travel kennels have bedding provided
  • All pets are screened from each other
  • Cats are completely separate from dog passengers
  • Spill-proof water bowls in all travel kennels, feeding and medication as agreed with the owner

UK Travel

  • For House Moves
  • For Dog Shows
  • For Holidays


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UK - Spain - UK

Chauffeur-driven trips to Spain and back for you and your pets

Dog Shows

Chauffeur-driven trips for you and your pets to International Dog and  Cat Shows

Unaccompanied Pets

Collection and Delivery of your pets to and from European destinations

UK Travel

Whether holiday or re-location, you and your pets can travel in style with our chauffeur service.

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