PET Travel Scheme - Note Changes Effective From 1 January 2012

Pet Travel SchemeRules Effective Until 31 December 2011

The PETS Travel Scheme has opened up a large part of the world to owners travelling with their pets.  For us in the UK it means freedom of movement between the UK and mainland Europe, providing we follow the correct procedures.

The crucial part to remember is that the dates are inflexible; if you miss a booster date for rabies vaccination then you have to start all over again.  Similarly, the flea and tick treatment must be given at the right time, giving you just a 24 hour window to enter the United Kingdom.

As specialists in Pet Travel in Europe we can help you ensure you get it right.  The critical date to bear in mind is the time and date for entering the UK.

Checklist for Travel

  • At least 7 months before planned date of entry have your pet microchipped with an ISO standard 11784 to 11785 chip
  • Vaccinate your pet against rabies.  The microchip must be scanned and the number recorded when the vaccine is administered.  This may be one or two vaccinations.  Minimum age for the rabies vaccination is 3 months
  • Your pet is eligible for entry into most EU countries 21 days after the final vaccination is given
  • One month after completing the vaccination course a blood test is submitted to a DEFRA recognised laboratory.  If the test is successful then a passport is issued allowing your pet entry into the UK six months from the date of issue.  If the blood test fails then the procedure must be re-started
  • Before entering the UK your pet must be treated for ticks and tapeworms.  The treatment must be given between 24 and 48 hours prior to entry to the UK.  The vet who administers this treatment will scan your pet's microchip and sign, date and stamp his passport.  It is your responsibility to ensure that these procedures are followed.
  • At check-in for travel he will again be scanned and documentation checked
  • The Passport is valid until the date of the annual booster

Rules as From 1 January 2012

From EU Member States and non-EU Approved Countries (checklist here) These procedures should take place in the order given:

  • Microchip pet
  • Vet scans microchip and adminsters rabies vaccine
  • EU Pet Passport or Official Veterinary Health Certificate issued certifying microchip and vaccination
  • Minimum 21 days to have elapsed since the rabies vaccine was administered

The current plans are for the regulations regarding flea and tick treatment to remain in place. Please ensure that you have read the DEFRA documentation thoroughly and that your pet/s are fully compliant.

The rules are detailed on the DEFRA website

Pet Relocator have contacts with veterinary surgeries throughout mainland Europe who are familiar with the PETS scheme and are happy to offer any assistance.

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